Abdus Sattar Palwan, lawyer of
Bangladesh Supreme Court and defence counsel of International Crimes Tribunal,Bangladesh, does remarkable contribution to ensure fair trial and  legal rights for sufferers people in his country. As for citizens’ rights, he was fought as a solicitor to confirm medical facility, restricting doctor private chamber spontaneously during state duty, which is one of the fundamental rights for any people. This humanitarian counsellor was appointed to conduct the case of ex-minister of Bangladesh government, who was elected for the parliament member several times. Mr. Palwan used to do some novel jobs to think about mass people interest, for his unconditional successful services, all of national and international top class media, television channels, print media, news portal, online media covered him while he provides press briefing or press release about any topics. 

Social Work:
Abdus Sattar Palwan, leader of river erosion neglected people, is not only an advocate, but also a well/known social leader in the country specially district of laksmipur. People of Ramgati and Kamalnagar under Laksmipur zilla, two upazilla, are suffering the Meghna erosion in last 30 years for lack of authority’s initiative and corruption, which is the giant and unsurvivable  problem who is the under poor. As a consequence, some of younger students took steps “how to address the cause of the Meghna erosion” as they made an organization “Kamalnagar Ramgati Bachao Monch“,and they were seeking a leader, Advocate Abdus Sattar Palwan, who can leading from the front. Mr. Palwan was elected convenor of “Kamalnagar Ramgati Bachao Monch”, who did a great contribution with his perspicacious leading as well as he gathers younger people unconditional hard-wired duty for save motherland distinction from map. Waving long period of time under his leading people got “the Meghna Dam Project”, which is 31 million taka project, and this project is under construction as this has made possible for his unique and longheaded leading. Interestingly, he is engaged many social organization among those organizations “Dhaka to Laksmipur Launch Chai Porishad” made one of the successful wave, human chain, bike show-down, sending manuscript to honorable prime minister as government has permitted Dhaka to Laksmipur passenger ship route and a Launch station in the Laksmipur district. Mr.Palwan also leads as a convenor of this organization.